Kinetic River Corp. and EMC2 sign distribution and service agreement

EMC2 will act as Kinetic River's sales and service arm in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain and other countries in the EU

Mountain View, Calif., USA, April 9, 2019 - Kinetic River Corp., a leader in custom flow cytometry instrumentation, and E.M.C2, a leading flow cytometry service company based in Milan and Rome, Italy, announced today that they have signed an agreement for distribution and support of Kinetic River's products and services in Italy and across Europe.

Kinetic River develops and manufactures custom flow cytometry solutions, and provides a range of consulting services in the areas of optics, flow cytometry, and cell sorting. The Potomac modular flow cytometer is a fully customizable, open-architecture platform capable of accommodating any laser wavelength and form factor; customers can also choose among different options for detection and for fluidic control. Kinetic River also offers consulting services, including expert witnessing, design reviews, custom engineering, and technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.

EMC2 offers the most complete range of flow cytometry services in southern Europe, including reliable maintenance solutions to keep flow cytometry systems tuned and running at high performance levels. Its engineering and scientific staff have decades of experience supporting end users with both technical troubleshooting and application development.

"We chose to collaborate with EMC2 because of their deep, hands-on experience with flow cytometry instrumentation and scientific applications," said Giacomo Vacca, Ph.D., president of Kinetic River. "Being able to leverage such know-how to support customers across Europe will greatly expand our reach and augment our capabilities. European customers will benefit from local, rapidly available support with extensive technical expertise."

"Kinetic River is the ideal partner for expanding our service capabilities and increasing our ability to meet customer requests, leading to a competitive advantage in the flow cytometry market" said Paolo Cappella, Ph.D., CEO of EMC2. "Their highly innovative products and R&D pipeline are aimed at creating new research and diagnostics technologies with broad appeal across a wide range of user needs."

About Kinetic River

Kinetic River Corp. is a biophotonics design and product development company specializing in flow cytometry. Based in California's Silicon Valley, Kinetic River offers cutting-edge flow cytometry instrumentation solutions, including the Potomac modular flow cytometer and the Danube, a fluorescence lifetime flow cytometer. Kinetic River also provides a range of expert witness services, training seminars, and technical consulting services to clients worldwide. For more information, visit

About EMC2

E.M.C2, a leading flow cytometry service company based in Milan and Rome, Italy, provides flow cytometry solutions to private companies and academic laboratories. In addition to offering core laboratory maintenance and service plans, EMC2 also distributes novel flow cytometry products and develops custom workflow solutions. For more information, visit

Contact: Giacomo Vacca, President, Kinetic River Corp.;
Paolo Cappella, CEO, EMC2;

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