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Innovation in flow cytometry

The cytometry you've never 

seen before 

Based in Italy, E.M.C2 Srl offers the most complete range of services in flow cytometry market. 

Specialized in-house and on-site training, customized products and convenient and reliable maintenance services make our company unique in its kind.

Besides supply of our innovative services, E.M.C2 srl staff provides analytical support for Pharma & Biotech companies as on-site consultancy or laboratories affiliated with our company.

Specialization and innovation 

E.M.C2, a leading flow cytometry service company based in Milan and Rome, Italy, provides flow cytometry solutions to private companies and academic laboratories. 

In addition to offering core laboratory maintenance and service plans, EMC2 also distributes novel flow cytometry products and develops custom workflow solutions. 

The company is a hub for ideas and innovation through partnerships with leading companies in any scientific and technological sector.


Are you a cyto-maker?

Our company (in collaboration with leading company in bio-photonic consulting ) supports the phases of study, proof-of-concept, definition of the idea, prototyping up to the realization of a project of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the field of flow cytometry 

OEM training

E.M.C2 Srl (in collaboration with leading company in bio-photonic consulting) provides specialized training seminars on flow cytometry  technologies followed by a high-level analysis of the interrelationship of technology trends and market drivers. 

Specialized training

We provide basic and specialized courses based on customer requests and dedicated applications (industrial, life sciences, food). It could be provided on-site.

If you want to join the trainers team, contact us! 

Scheduled maintenance

E.M.C2 srl performs independent maintenance services on the main flow cytometers existing on the market with competitive preventive maintenance (PM) and full risk programs. 

We are also working to maintain high quality in our services. 

Emergency services 

Both within the full risk program and on the call, we carry out emergency interventions aimed at work continuity (e.g. sudden breakdowns, laser shutdown) 

Support dedicated to G3, G4 and G5 Macintosh computers, full functionality recovery and data recovery (DATA Recovery) in case of disk failure. 

Additional services

E.M.C2 srl supports companies or universities in case it is necessary to perform a transfer to another location and or the disposal of laboratory equipment. 

+ Call us for a quote! 

Innovative product

E.M.C2 Srl supports the distribution of innovative products in flow cytometry. 

From April 2019, EMC2 will act as Kinetic River's sales and service arm in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain and other countries in the EU.

Refurbished cytometer & Rent-A-Cyto

Laboratories and innovative startups can contact our company in case they need a reconditioned instrument. 

If you need only for short periods, E.M.C2 srl provides "turn-keys" reconditioned machines with full risk maintenance and specialized on-site training. E.M.C2 srl can provide certified and specialized specialists for the duration of the project (Rent-A-Cyto Project).

Flow cytometry analytical services

Within strategic partnerships, our Company follows the customer from the design phases of research activities, preclinical and clinical studies with particular attention to the design of study protocols, up to the final execution of the analyzes ensuring high quality standards and timelines. We also support the analysis of cytometric data through commercial and proprietary software. 

Specialists with years of experience 

E.M.C2 srl

"Go to flow - Always, without interruptions"

-E.M.C2 Staff


"E.M.C2 has been taking care of the laboratory since 2016. They have ensured that our two flow cytometers worked at their best. I trust them completely. 

I recommend the staff to everyone! " 

Head of Clinical 



"I am setting up a new laboratory and the E.M.C2 has studied our needs and realized the project for the Flow Cytometry Area. Real professionals."

Lab Manager

"The laser went out and we were without cytometer after years of regular operation, I called E.M.C2 srl on Friday, they came immediately Monday and they repaired the fault!" 

Lab Head

Entrust cytometry to expert hands